The Secret God in the Forest

The Secret God in the Forest

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Drums beating, cymbals clashing, trumpets blowing… the town of Puri by the sea is festive. It is the day of the temple Ratha Jatra and Pria wonders why the idols of Jagannatha, Subhadra and Balabhadra are unlike any other gods she has seen. Some say that’s how Jagannatha looked when he lived deep in the forest, her grandmother tells her. And so starts off a story within a story – of Nilamadhaba, the secret god of the Sabaras.

Central to this story is the dynamic nature of myths that often travel from the margins to the mainstream, carrying their own distinctive stamp. Stylized illustrations add a contemporary touch, while perfectly capturing the colour, drama and atmosphere of the traditional tale. 

Author(s) : Anuradha Kumar

Illustrator(s) : Piyush Verma

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